Monday, December 2, 2013

Warnings on Fraudulent Activities

An investor can identify a possible fraud if: 
 The “facilitator” requires commissions in advanced before the start of the program and not over the benefits once the program is delivered.  
 The facilitator requires that the investor transfer his or her funds to an offshore country or to an account opened in the name of a third person.  
 The bank trader does not assure protection for your funds at any or all moments.  
 The questions done by the investor before the signature of the contract are not fully and satisfactorily answered.  

When dealing with a real trading platform: 
 The money invested by the client is guaranteed 100%. 
 The funds invested are managed only and exclusively by the investor and remain in the bank account of the investor ALWAYS.  
 The investor has total control over his or her money at all times.  
 The operations are done through one of the top banks. 
 The investor is the only person that can block the funds.  
 All communications and agreements are done in a clear and transparent manner, as we have nothing to hide.  
 The benefits are received in the account of the client on a weekly basis.  

In the rare case that the investor does not receive the promised benefits during one or two weeks, he or she can cancel the contract and retain the benefits obtained up to the moment.  
If during a period of time, the trader does not provide the agreed benefits, the investor can cancel the contract too. This possibility is reflected in the contract, which is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Paris in agreement with current international banking laws.  

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