Monday, December 2, 2013

Financial Intermediaries

The Secondary Market has made it possible for a number of intermediaries or brokers to claim to have access to Bank Traders and banking institutions which has derived in illegal practices like requiring money in advanced to the investor.  

To combat this global problem and illegal procedures, recently a series of consultants have established themselves in Europe and Latin America. Taking as a base the Swiss banking law (the law on which PPPs were originally based) the consultants intend to stop possible criminal conducts that affect investors.  

The guide to follow when operating in the SM is basically reduced to these points: 
 The Secondary Market or SM offers total security and high profitability 
 The SM offers access to governments, small banks, private individuals and companies to obtain clean and fresh funds.  
 The procedure is supported in the first stages by specialized brokers and consultants, which are in charge of requiring and verifying the necessary documentation. Then, it’s the bank, the trader and the investor who close the agreement.  
 The investors never pay a percent upfront.  
 The programs have fixed initial and final dates. 
 The entire procedure is conducted through banking instruments and contracts.  
 The profitability of the program is secured through an investment- banking contract. 

The PPPs are the best and safest vehicles of investment with a guaranteed 0% risk and they usually attract large private investors, treasure corporations, or/and companies that intend to finance or invest in large projects in the financial or other sector that requires legal and clear investments. 

The trading needs profound knowledge and specialization in order to issue guarantees to the investors and obtain direct access to the best banking resources.  

The Private Trading Contracts are available, after an invitation from a trader, to private individuals and companies that have access to large sums of money in cash or bank instruments like Bank Discounts (BDI), Bank Guarantees (BGs), Gold Certificate of Deposit (GCD) and Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) based on assets like Bounds, Precious Stones or Gold.

The origin of the funds should be clean and not derived from criminal, illegal or terrorist activities, free from taxes or credits and under total control of the investor.  

The capital is completely assured and the owner or investor has complete control of these funds during the entire duration of the program (in general, 40 weeks or a banking year). 
The minimum guaranteed profitability for the investor for an investment of $10,000,000 will be set in between the minimum guaranteed (250%) and the annual benefits (400%). This figure varies depending on the amount invested and, for instance, $100 M offers profitability between 50% and 100% on a monthly basis.  

This company has contacts with all top-25 banks and has five bank traders, who make the execution and development of these High Profitability programs possible. One of these lines is the American Foundation which counts with the authorization of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. 

 The investor can join a PPP program with cash or through banking instruments like MTNs, BGs, SKR, etc. (negotiating a credit line for the program). Both options are 100% effective. 

When entering the program with cash, the investor has to provide the following documents: 

 A color photocopy of his or her passport 
 A proof of funds 

 A letter authorizing our bank to take on board the necessary verification of the funds 

In case of entering the program with a banking instrument, the procedure followed for the execution of a PPP program is: 

 Evidence of the document (/s) to enter the program 
 Euroclear codes 
 History of the instrument 

 A letter authorizing the bank to verify the documents 

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