Monday, December 2, 2013

Step by Step Procedure

In order to start the procedure an investor should follow these steps: 

 Present an updated proof of funds and a color photocopy of his or her passport 
 Send a letter authorizing the verification of the funds or bank instruments that participate in the program. 

The investor should send the required documentation in five days as the proof of funds (and all bank documentation) has a life of five days, after that period it is considered out of date by the banks and it cannot be verified. Once the funds have been verified the client is presented with a CIS, a document that helps to identify the investor.  

When the trader has the necessary documentation, he or she will prepare a document reflecting the profitability of the program at the same time that the trading platform will require the client to agree in payment of commissions. The commissions of the trading platform should be a maximum of 10% OVER THE BENEFITS. In other words, the investor retains 90% of the benefits generated by the program and he or she will only pay 10% commission to the platform after the bank trader has delivered his or her services and the stipulated benefits have been generated.  

Once the documentation is collected and signed and the client agrees with the profitability offered by the trader, the facilitator steps aside and from that moment the investor will deal directly with the trader.  

From now on, the trader or the trader’s bank officer will contact and support the investor throughout the entire process up to the moment of the signature of the contract, which usually takes places in GENEVE, LONDON, PARIS or HONG KONG but in exceptional cases could be done by email with previous verification of a notary office.  

A lawyer, notary, consultant and/or translator, in case English is not his or her mother tongue, can accompany the investor at the moment of the signature. The investor should read the contract carefully before signing it.  

If the investor does not agree with one of the clauses, then a negotiation is possible or he can cancel the contract with zero cost.  

If the investor agrees with the contract, the Bank Trader will pay the stipulated benefits during a period of 40 weeks in an account opened for this end in the name of the client.  

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