Monday, December 2, 2013

Trading Facilitators

The trading facilitators are the external personnel of the trader in charge of collecting and verifying the documentation. The investor should understand that this is a business where the documentation has to be verified in advanced, which means that he or she has to send the banking documents necessary for the operation being this is a Non Negotiable Requirement. It works in the same manner as a bank, meaning that when a client approaches a bank in order to take a banking operation on board, the bank officers will require documents that have to be shown before the operation starts.  

Why does this operation generate high benefits? 

The benefits are extremely high because the trader operates simultaneously in the three main active markets throughout the world: Asia, Europe and the United States. The trading operations consist of buying and selling continuously and simultaneously in these three markets. As a consequence, the sum of differentials between operations produces high benefits. 

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