Monday, December 2, 2013

False Facilitators, Intermediaries or Scammers

The trading programs are difficult areas for investors because investors need to be extremely careful of who they are in contact with. The elevated sums of money involved in these types of programs, attract many no-qualified intermediaries and “traders”, which are actually false and fraudulent. 

There are many “intermediaries” who are familiar with some details of a trading contract; however, very few of them know the entire procedure.  

Although they obviously do not have the direct and real contacts with the Bank Traders the operation cannot be successful. Nevertheless, they pretend to have contacts with real Traders in an attempt to obtain some money from the investor.  

Usually, the chain of brokers (Daisy Chains) is formed by someone who knows someone who supposedly has contact with someone who is capable of accessing a trading program, but never can prove their affirmations.  

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