Monday, December 2, 2013

Examples of Guaranteed Trading Programs

The minimum annual benefits generated by a PPP are between 250% and 400% and they are obtained through simultaneous and legal buying and selling of bank actives and American MTN’s. 

The funds participating in the program are blocked in the account of the client, once the trading contract is signed, guaranteeing that the funds will NEVER be at risk. The investor is the only person with access to his bank account and the only one who can block and unblock the funds.  
The benefits generated are paid on a weekly basis for a total of 40 weeks.  

The minimum amount required to enter a program is $10M in cash or in the form of bank instruments.  

Once the documentation is collected and verified, the investor is presented with the profitability that the program will generate. If the investor accepts this profitability, the bank officer or bank trader will contact him and work out an agreement for the preparation of the contract and the invitation to sign this contract.  

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